Your Customers Want More Than Just One Good Experience

The best things in life are those you are coming back to. The things you like, because they just work, or because they evoke this special feeling you enjoy. Those are the things you got fond of because when you use them more often, you find that they are always reliably good.

We make such choices in brands every day when we buy something. We decide to try new things all the time, but the things that stick with us are the ones we really start trusting.

Building a product or service means you are not looking at one thing that does something, or a collection of functions. What products or services do is fulfilling the most basic expectation: A running app that measures my runs. A car device that shows me when I’m driving more economically.

The things you keep using, again and again, have more than just features. They go an extra length in delighting you, in delivering great experiences. It’s a combination of great execution and a design that puts a lot of thought into the product or service, so it seems to be able to predict what you want. The best products provide a feeling of fitting seamlessly into our lives.

That doesn’t come from nowhere. It’s a result of learning all about customers and designing the best possible experience. An experience that doesn’t just work how it was intended. It does a little more than that. It’s an experience that delights, again and again.

Core has experience in strategies for product positioning, defining value propositions and finding the deep connectors that are shaping a lasting relationship with your customers. It is never too early or too late to do this right.

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