Hi, I’m Henning. I combine strong leadership with a unique set of skills and a wide range of expertise in the triangle that enables products and services, leading up to sales: customer experience, user experience and the brand experience. Contact me if you would like to talk about a project.


Over 10 years in design, identity, advertising, and marketing. 12 years in brand building, digital, strategy, user experience, product development, business models, design thinking, and service design. Senior executive/director career level, working on every level with startups and tech companies. I have six years experience in building and managing small and large UX, UI and developer teams. Demonstrated leadership in UX 2010 through 2016, became a speaker for General Assembly in 2016.


Business Management

At TBWA Switzerland I was a member of the board of directors.

Account Management

At TBWA Switzerland I handled several client accounts.


In various agencies I was responsible for new business acquisition in the digital field.

Client Services

First contact for various client accounts at agencies and technology companies.

Direction & Leadership

Team Leadership

In various companies I led teams between three and 15 employees.

Event Speaking

Event speaker at events, among them an event organised by Microsoft Switzerland.


Guest lectures at Fishburners, Microsoft Switzerland, General Assembly Sydney and on educational events.

Creative Direction

Creative director in various agencies, responsible for international winning ad campaigns.

Strategy, Design Thinking & Experience Design

Strategic Positioning

Developed strategies and concepts for services and products in various industries.

Design Thinking

Applied Design Thinking, to learn from people, their behaviour patterns, and create solutions to solve problems and improve situations.

User Experience

Consulting in user experience for various startups and leading UX and UI teams in tech companies.

Brand Strategy

Developed and improved a number of brand strategies for company brands, as well as consumer and business products and services.

Social Media

Social media marketing for various high profile brands, improving the brand stream experience.


Consumer and business research in behaviour, motivation and intent.

Business Models

Business model development and consulting in business strategy for startups.



Wrote for newspapers and published various articles in magazines and blogs.


Copywriter for various award winning marketing and advertising campaigns.

Script Writing

Wrote scripts for TV, video productions and commercials.


Studied principles of storytelling, from drama writing, film, applied in product and service development and delivery.

Visual Design, Art Direction & Identity

UI Design

Development of user interfaces for various startup products and services.

Type Design

Development of various font families, published soon under the Arity label.


Editorial design and book design following the principles of classic typography.

Book Design

Design for various book projects, art, fiction and non-fiction.

Identity Design

Development of corporate identities, sometimes including naming, for various companies, products and services.

Art Direction

Responsible for concepts for a number of award winning advertising campaigns.

Stamp Design

Won the design competition for two Liechtenstein stamps, edition “America”.

Exhibition Poster Design

Designed various award winning exhibition posters for the Museum of Design Zurich.


Portrait photography, street photography, briefings, direction and oversight of photo shoots.

Video Production

Direction and videography, editing of various corporate videos, documentaries and personal promotion videos of colleagues.

Motion Graphics

Design and editing of animations for titling, video openings, graphical object animation and animated infographics.


Creation of packaging concepts for fashion, jewellery, accessories, electronic devices, chocolate confectionary and beauty products.