First answers.

“Can we afford you?”

Currently my hourly rate is $110 US (£85, €100, $146 AU), calculated in five minute increments for each task. After the first stakeholder workshop you’ll receive a proposal with a cost estimate based on your budget.

It wouldn’t make sense for me to charge you for a service you don’t get value from. The very purpose of hiring me is to bring in external experience, gather information and gain knowledge. I can guarantee to you that my estimates for time and cost will be realistic and fair, and I will always stay within the budget we agreed upon.

“What do we get?”

My job is to figure out what customers are thinking, what they want to achieve, and transmit my learnings about their behaviour. You gain a lot of insights you didn’t have. I am trained to ask the right questions, helping you discover things you didn’t know about the customer/product relationship. Your product or service is driven by user experience and I will help you to reveal its strengths and weaknesses.

Every workshop will result in an analysis and strategic conclusion, a recommendation for further steps. If your project requires it, you will get a complete Service Design or User Experience concept, together with customer research, use cases and user journeys.

“Do you create wireframes?”

The question that precedes this one is: Am I a user interface designer? The answer is, I could design UIs for you, but you are more likely better served with someone specialised. An architect does not build the house, they architect it.

The current trend to call for “UX/UI designers” is misguiding. It makes you believe you get a coffee machine that can slice bread as well. In reality it will be compromised by two different jobs and neither one will be done well.

The experience chain is driven by customer behaviour and psychology. It requires a lot of thinking and strategic decisions, before a user journey results in wireframes. If we need wireframes or interactive prototypes, I can help you finding the right person for the job. I will direct and guide them to make sure they execute visual design on track with the user journeys we defined in our user experience concept.

“Where do we start?”

A first conversation will give us an overview of where you are coming from and it will point to directions of things you might need. Depending on the project, I normally follow up with one or two workshops, where we take a good look at the product or service, track down strengths and issues and work out a strategy for the new user experience. The goal of this discovery phase is to figure out what’s needed and then make a plan to execute on it.

Do you have more questions? Send me an email and let’s talk.

US Clients

Currently I don’t have a permanent visa for the US, but I am happy to visit for meetings and to run a few workshops. All work needs to be delivered from and billed from Europe.

Australian Clients

The same rules apply for Australia: I currently don’t have a permanent visa, but I am happy to visit for meetings and to run a few workshops. All work needs to be delivered from and billed from Europe.

Work in the UK

As a European citizen I can work and live in the UK without a special visa. I can also travel to the UK or anywhere in Europe for meetings, workshops, for guest lectures at schools and to speak on conferences.