Building The ConX Trust Engine

Hiring in construction business is a highly dynamic, fast-paced market place. There is little time to build reputation. ConX in Sydney bridges the trust gap between contractors and tradespersons with a reputation-based job platform.

LinkedIn and Indeed are leading job platforms, but these services are traditionally great for office jobs. They are not suited well to connect trade workers with construction companies.

ConX is a two-facing business:

For tradies (the Australian informal expression for tradespersons), the service is a free option to search and find jobs.

For contractors and sub contractors in the construction industry, it’s an option to offer jobs to a broad audience.

Job posts generate income for ConX.The platform had a good start, but then slugged in its adaption rate. Analytics and customer surveys revealed fundamental holes in the experience chain.

Once a tradie had connected with an employer, they exchanged phone numbers. There was no reason for either one of them to go through the platform again for a second job. So they would connect once and then abandon the platform.

ConX hired Core to work out a solution, to help the platform sustain traction and build a large user base.

Challenge and solution

In two workshops we worked out what the problem was and defined a direction to solve the issue. For one, customer transactions need to be bound to the platform.

Like on Airbnb, customers should get their contact information after the transaction happened. Replacing phone calls, we implemented a new chat system.

Second, there needs to be a motivating factor, a driver that makes customers to come back and continue using the platform.

This was the birth of the “trust engine”, a rating system that elevates experiences and helps both, contractors and tradies, to determine the quality and reliability of each performance.

Tradies know if a contractor is reliable, pays in time and treats their employees fairly. And construction businesses learn if a tradie is punctual, reliable and delivers solid work.

Aside of UX improvements, the platform was redesigned with a new Information Architecture and user interaction design.

Five star performance

We developed a star-based rating system with key questions for each party after the job is done. They are prompted to return to the platform and rate each other’s performance, so over time they are building and shaping their reputation.

The challenges with this UX task were lying in the unique setup of the market, the high-paced fluctuation of work force, as well as the instantaneous hiring for short-term employment. It’s a market that depends on a high amount of trust gathered in very short time.

The way ConX is set up now is a fundamental improvement of the original service, thanks to a thorough analysis of pain points, a structured strategy for UX development, resulting in improvement and strengthening of the customer experience chain.