Maybe you have heard of Ping. I know, it uses the same name “Hop” first used. Media describe Ping as “incredibly simple” and “mysterious”. Maybe those words came from the originating company, Secrets Inc., which also makes Secret. No surprise there.

I installed and tried it out. This is what I see as the next generation of apps. Why?

It is UI by storytelling. It is guiding the user through the experience the same way we were guided by the hands of grown ups when we were two years old children. Not top-down, not condescending, not forcing a new system onto you. But providing one hand, one door knob, one key, curtain or rabbit hole to see what’s next. And as we move forward, we learn, and the app learns from us.

What happens in background, the input-data driven algorithm, stays in the background. The app talks to me as if it was a person. The same way like we were talked to as little children, it begins at the most intimate level of trust: I am here to help you.

I find this the most impressive achievement of this new app. It shows incredible talent, not in programming, but in achieving an experience, so pure and straight forward, it finds no comparison to any other app I have seen.

(Photo: Alex, Flickr)


After a day of using Ping I have to say, it’s simpler than I thought. If there actually is an algorithm working in the background, it is not working very well. Apparently it just pushes anything in a channel I selected, with no filtering at all. I will keep using it for a while to figure out more about how it works.