Mad Island Sports

Mad Island Sports

The Sydney based startup Mad Island Sports created a swim training app for tablet computers. The project required UX consulting, as well as the development of an easy to use UI.


The hiring platform ConX lets construction companies connect with trade workers. The platform needed a rating system, which led to the development of what we called the trust engine.


Code Camp

Code Camp in Australia has a mission to teach young generations coding, from Websites to applications. For their Code Like a Boss project they needed UX consulting and UI design.

Waste Connects

Waste Connects

The company Waste Connects in Sydney is disrupting corporate waste and recycling management. They needed a new identity system, positioning and brand guidelines.

Typeface Design

There are several new typeface families in production, among them Bot Sans, a contemporary sans serif based on Bot Mono. You are reading it right now. Both families haven’t yet been released.


For years I have been doing street photography, mostly during trips to cities around the globe. I recently began taking portraits and working with models.



GOFAR is a startup in Sydney that offers an enterprise fleet solution to save fuel and drive safer. The project included an app interface with user centred design approach and user research.



The Dimension Project is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improve the lives of people with conditional learning disabilities. Service and brand concept, including strategic positioning.



The idea behind Cate is to bring back qualities of written communication, unifying email, Facebook Messenger and Twitter direct messages in a great app experience.


Industrial inkjet specialist Durst needed a new corporate website. The process included uniting the needs of seven completely seperate divisions under one platform.


Guave Motion/Interactive

Swiss based Guave Studios went through a transition, splitting its services into Motion and Interactive. They needed a strategic repositioning of the brand and a new sales strategy.



Steps was an innovative task list manager. It introduced open and closed circles instead of old school checkmarks, an approach later adapted by Apple.

Belkin Miracast

The Belkin Miracast Adapter is a device to stream content from your smartphone or tablet computer with a TV. Core created the setup guide for all Android and Windows devices.


Clues is a Tumblr magazine with curated content around the topics of design, experience, design thinking, psychology and science.


River is about making your life easy again. Like it was in your childhood. And you’ll know what we made once you touch it. Because it’s going to be super cool.