Meet Clues, a New Magazine

May 21, 2015 | Culture | 0 comments

Calling a blog a magazine could be daring enough, but a Tumblr? It’s true though: The magazines of the past are definitely replaced by Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter these days.

Clues is a stream of daily updated links and original content posts around the topic of design in its broadest sense. It isn’t just about style, visual, or interior design. Clues is certainly also about beauty, but the kind of beauty that is hard to find: because it works well, it functions well, or it was well done. The kind of beauty that speaks to you through more than just a beautiful look or feeling.

I launched Clues yesterday because I have been frustrated with bookmarking services and Twitter for some time. Every day I skim through the news and RSS or Atom feeds filled with cultural and inspirational content. Sometimes I send a link out to my friends by email, which is, in comparison with Tumblr, quite an archaic method. It has a lot of disadvantages; all links are hidden in the ever-growing email archive. I wanted something like a modern shoebox, a box that is socially connected, where I keep things for a couple of years and I can search and find stuff again. Most importantly, I wanted something people love to subscribe to, something that contributes to other people’s inspiration and creativity and is useful for their daily work.

Back in the eighties and nineties, when we subscribed to a print magazine, we wanted more than glossy images or how-to articles. We wanted to be inspired. That’s what Clues is all about, to give you the clues you need to get your juices going.