The first title of this post was “There Is No New Year”. Of course that is not true, according to the Gregorian calendar we have been following since 1582. It has been adopted by the entire world and is today the unofficial Civil calendar, even in countries without Christian roots.

For me it is another year of change. I have always embraced continuous change as a driving element of my life. It wasn’t just acceptance. I wanted changes.

I believe in progress and innovation, in thinking outside the box (even if this idiom has been abused for ideas that weren’t really outside the box). I was hired by clients to improve their products and services. I talked to a number of fellow consultants, UX designers, developers, UX companies and agencies. I learned and continuously adjusted my strategy. It’s no accident that last year, I renamed this website, my services and everything associated to Core UX.

Aiming for improvement is a substantial part of myself.

It has always been about new starting points for me, almost every day. “Everything is always just a beginning.”, I wrote some day early in 2013. To acknowledge 2014 as a new start is a bit strange. But I understand how this works for most people. It’s like a higher power, something you can adopt to motivate your actions, which is great, if it works for you.

There are a lot of things I want to do in 2014: focus more on UX. Make more music. Complete my two font projects. More photography. Read and write more. Run more, enjoy nature more, get more balance. The bottom line is, these “more” changes will replace something else, maybe a lack of focus, but they are not about being more productive. This “be more productive” is a myth that keeps coming back, and geeks like me end up piling up productivity software, when all we need to do is actually change our outlook and behavior patterns.

My prognosis for 2014 is that it will be better. Not better than 2013, but better, because every day we can improve and move forward. Every day we have the power to make decisions that change the quality of our output, that refine our ideas, alter our thinking and ultimately improve our lives. I hope this will happen to all of you, because it is the way forward.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.